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3 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now for Your Brand Management Strategy

3 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now for Your Brand Management Strategy

September 3rd, 2014

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As a business owner your brand is everything. Every day your company’s reputation, and potential sales, are affected by both positive and negative online influences so it remains imperative for you to understand these factors, allowing you to proactively maintain your reputation. Do you know what the general sentiment is about your company on social media? Do you know how your brand appears in the search engine results pages (SERPs)? Here are three quick tips to keep you on top of your brand mentions and reputation.

Feedback and Comments and Reviews Oh My!

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What are your customers saying about you? As a business owner you may have experienced the hardship of reading a one-star review, an unpleasant tweet, or negative feedback from an unsatisfied customer. You’re not alone – these daunting situations do typically arise for all businesses from time to time; the key thing is how you anticipate, mitigate, and respond to these occurrences. It is important to monitor and know what customers are saying and thinking about you as a first step in maintaining a strong online standing. Start by browsing popular business review sites such as Yelp and see if anything new has appeared. (A quick note on Yelp – the recent Google Pigeon update has resulted in Yelp reviews now taking up increased prominence on page 1 of branded search terms.) Then do a quick search of your business name and related branded terms on Google, Bing, and Yahoo to get a good handle on what your online reputation is saying about you. And don’t forget Social Media – the ease of slamming (or praising) a company on Twitter and Facebook means you likely have more mentions there than on traditional review sites that require email addresses and other steps to verify reviews. There are some handy tools out there for sentiment analysis that are extremely thorough and can save you some time in these endeavors…a big subject we’ll save for another post.

• Spread the Word

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Does your business regularly donate to the ASPCA, collect yearly for the Toys for Tots Foundation or sponsor your local breast cancer walk? Why not tell people about it. Spread the word about all the positive things your company is doing for the community, the environment, or any endeavor that you are passionate about, big or small. Sharing some photos to your company’s Facebook friends or tweeting a flyer to get others to join you in your cause is a great way to build a positive reputation. Not sure how to let others know of all the great things your company is doing or maybe how to share an interesting story of your involvement? Seek help with tip number 3.

• Online Reputation Assistance

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Don’t like what you see or not finding the results you want associated with your name? Many companies seek out help from professionals when it comes to managing their online reputations. It is shown that 80% of today’s consumers are influenced by the reviews and comments they read online and experts can help design specific plans to ensure your company maintains a positive online reputation. Experts that specialize in brand monitoring and online reputation management services can help you fight the battle of negative reviews, monitor your social engagement and much more to position your company as a highly regarded online brand.

Start taking control of your online reputation today with a free consultation.

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