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About Us was developed by a select team of of Webimax key public relations experts to not only manage but leverage mainstream media outlets to improve our clients brand recognition.  As with all of our processes, we set out to test these services on our internal properties first.  Have you heard about WebiMax?  Seen us on the news or commenting on trending stories?

It’s these type of successes that led us to create the PRNow team so we can share our networking, content marketing and expert PR knowledge with you.  Our custom services will garner your company the exposure you need to be successful.

What We Do

Public Relations

  • Strategic Plan & Reporting
  • Press Coverage
  • Press Pitches & Releases
  • Blogging & Twitter
  • Thought Leadership
  • Speaker Placement
  • Awards Development
  • PR Monitoring
Strategic Marketing

  • Go-to-Market Plan
  • Branding Development
  • Web Site Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Video Production
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management

Construct content concentrating on the core messaging/branding elements of our clients as well as content positioning company representatives as experts offering expert insight for placement in all forms of media coverage (print, radio, TV) created by outlets in target markets.

Overall Goals
Gain greater online and broadcast exposure for our clients brand, furthering brand messaging and company reach. Improve authority among various publics including customers, potential customers, and potential partnership relationships. End result is increased brand awareness, site traffic, leads, conversions, and sales.

Free PR Consultation

"Two years ago we set out to find the best possible SEO/PPC consultant possible and after an extensive search we chose WebiMax. Since then our qualified lead traffic exploded while our cost per lead went down significantly. We were so pleased with the results that we asked WebiMax to redesign our website and our mobile website for us."

Tremper Longman
Marketing Analyst