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Name: Kenneth Wisnefski

Position: Founder and CEO

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Overview:  Seasoned web entrepreneur on his 4th startup since 2001.  Wisnefski has led companies from small basement startups to multi-million dollar annual companies.

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Bio: Kenneth Wisnefski is a leader in entrepreneurship, small business startup, and leadership.  In Wisnefski’s 12 years as a small business founder, he has led all of his ventures to multi-million dollar annual companies.  Wisnefski successfully led his first startup,, to a $5 million acquisition in just 5 years.  He founded WebiMax with minimum capital in 2008 and has grown the organization to employ more than 300 personnel over 4 years and the company was recently named the No. 1 fastest growing private company in New Jersey and No. 37 fastest growing private company in the United States by Inc. Magazine.  Wisnefski is one of the most decorated entrepreneurs in the state of New Jersey.  In addition, Wisnefski has regular media appearances on the nation’s largest outlets including FOX, CNN, Reuters, Bloomberg, and more.


Name: Kevin O’Brien

Position: Vice President and Principal of WebiMax and PR Now

Overview: Experienced entrepreneur in the private sector with over 15 years as an entrepreneur in several medium size startups.

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Bio: Kevin O’Brien is a leading innovator in the small business and private sector with primary experience in construction and building.  Mr. O’Brien serves as Vice President and Principal of WebiMax and PR Now where he is responsible for the company’s overall operation including staff management, financial growth and business development.  In addition to his roles at, Kevin is a principal and co-founder of Kalimex Inc. a general construction company based in Ocean View, New Jersey. Kevin began Kalimex as a startup and grew it to revenues of $20 million annually. Kalimex has successfully executed several high profile projects including the project to reopen the Statue of Liberty for the first time since 9/11.


Name: Todd Bailey

Position: Vice President of Marketing and Digital Strategy at WebiMax and PR Now about essay don laptop
Overview: Seasoned Marketing and Technology veteran with over 15 years of experience in the digital marketplace working for small and medium sized businesses.

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Bio: Todd Bailey is a professional and expert in marketing and technology.  Mr. Bailey has more than 15 years of experience as an Internet Marketing Manager, Web Developer and Project Manager for over ten years in Burlington, NJ. His diverse experience in Internet Marketing Strategy Development, SEO/SEM/PPC, Social Media, Research & Analytics, Web Design & Development and Multimedia Development make him a valuable asset to the Webimax team. Todd has been able to provide measurable results on campaigns of all sizes in both organic and paid search. Todd has worked on Digital Marketing strategies with numerous Fortune 500 clients over the years and stays active within the SEO and Marketing community allowing him to draw from a vast network of industry knowledge to influence and optimize campaign strategies.


Name: Sean O’Donnell

Position: Vice President of Technology at WebiMax and PR Now

Overview: Technology and Website Design and Development expert working primarily in the small business and private sector.

Bio: Sean joined WebiMax in 2010 after coming from VendorSeek.  In his current role as Vice President of Technology, Sean manages the Web Design and E-commerce divisions, as well as IT operations.  Sean originally started his career in sales, and advanced into Business Development for an IT consulting firm. In 2003, he joined VendorSeek at the ground level as the first employee and later became a partner. His primary roles were focusing on all aspects of the business operations, managing development of the corporate website and lead generation platform, as well as managing strategic partnerships. Sean then transitioned with the acquisition of VendorSeek by QuinStreet, the world’s largest online performance based marketing company, and led the business integration and platform migration process to their platform. Within QuinStreet he moved on to manage platform migrations of other large scale acquisitions.

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