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PR Now was founded in 2012 and is a subsidiary to parent company WebiMax, a leading integrated online marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization, website design and development, and more.

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The Public Relations field has started a transformation from traditional media engagement techniques to a more digital and comprehensive landscape that encompasses multiple facets of media relations and online community engagement and promotion. ghibli Essays essay on
Years ago, media relations involved only submitting press releases and searching for interview opportunities on various news segments.  In the present day, the evolution of the internet and consumers’ demand for constant news and analysis has led to an increase in the amount of opportunity for media relations and furthermore enriches the experience.  PR Now leverages the new landscape and identifies this as “integrated public relations.”  Integrated public relations includes securing the engagement, and then promoting the result of the engagement through content marketing, social media marketing and optimization, link building, and more.

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People long ago asked themselves “what happens after the interview?”  In the past, once the interview ended, the engagement ended.  These days, however, once the engagement concludes, the work just begins.  PR Now, in conjunction with its award winning parent company, WebiMax, has the technology, resources, and experience to deliver integrated public relations services that continue to produce a multitude of results well beyond the engagement.

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Leveraging proven digital marketing techniques to create a sophisticated and comprehensive public relations strategy is our core competency.  There are no other leading online marketing firms that can leverage the power of public relations with digital marketing to create integrated public relations services like PR Now.  In addition, there are no other online marketing firms that also have the experience and network of reach in the media to produce results like PR Now.  Put simply, no one is doing what we do.

We represent clients from individuals to large businesses.  Our dedicated team of experts sits down and individually builds a customized and comprehensive public relations campaign that is in line with our clients’ objectives.  Our processes and strategies are industry leading and highly effective.

The market is filled with many different types of public relations firms, often ranging in size from 1 employee to 1,000+.  However, there are none that have implemented a framework that combines their tremendous experience and success as industry leaders in digital marketing to introduce integrated public relations services to the market.  Our results and 98 percent client retention rate proves our effectiveness in this sector and furthermore confirms our position as an industry leader.

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"Two years ago we set out to find the best possible SEO/PPC consultant possible and after an extensive search we chose WebiMax. Since then our qualified lead traffic exploded while our cost per lead went down significantly. We were so pleased with the results that we asked WebiMax to redesign our website and our mobile website for us."

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