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Our Story

PR Now was founded in 2012 and was established to provide integrated public relations services to our clients.  PR Now started as a department within parent company WebiMax and the tremendous success in securing media engagements and media relations on behalf of our clients led to the evolution of PR Now.

Encompassing cutting edge technologies including search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing and optimization and more have led to a significant increase in visibility for our client’s media engagements and have led to an increase of their brand visibility after a media engagement.  Many public relations firms out there have yet to grasp the benefits of leveraging their clients’ visibility beyond the segment.  Simply put, PR Now does things differently.

Our clients see tremendous ROI from our effective and efficient usage of leveraging industry leading online marketing techniques to further enhance the visibility of the media engagement.  As a result, more consumers, more members of the media and an additional amount of individuals can view and interact with our client’s media relations.  We call this “integrated public relations.”

The story of PR Now essentially began during the inception of WebiMax in 2008.  Kenneth Wisnefski long envisioned a public relations firm that would do more than simply provide media relations and engagement opportunities for our clients.  The idea of an integrated company emphasizing the multiple facets of brand development, digital marketing, media relations and brand management was needed in the marketplace and therefore PR Now became real.

While the company offers traditional public relations services, our product and services portfolio extends well beyond just media relations and engagements.  PR Now has become an industry leader in press release distribution, brand development, media pitches, content marketing, video production, media training, speaker engagement and placement, and more.  We truly believe in a balanced and strategic approach to providing public relations services and expose our clients to the many facets of PR that most companies simply do not have the time or resources to engage in.

When you work with PR Now, you become more than just a client.  You become a strategic partner.  Given the fact that our brand development and reputation stems from the impressive and powerful results we are able to achieve for our clients means we apply the necessary framework to meet and often exceed their expectations.  Working with PR Now is more than just an investment.

The evolution of the company reaches back over 4 years and the success speaks for itself.

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Tremper Longman
Marketing Analyst