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Brand Development Overview

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Through leveraging leading market research, market positioning, idea generation and creative development, our experts individually develop your branding strategy and make strategic recommendations to how to leverage your business model and gain consumers.  Having a solid Brand Development expert work with your company can help you discover opportunities your organization can act on, in addition to unveiling strategic positions in the market place that your brand can successfully leverage. of civil Pros
Ultimately, business owners must have an effective brand development in place in order for consumers to associate and recognize the brand.  Failing to do so can put your organization at a severe disadvantage and furthermore compromise the longevity of the business.


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Ranging from strategic market research brand positioning, idea generation, and creative developments, our Brand Development strategies position your organization as a competitive leader in your industry.  Having the ability to comprehend proper techniques and effectively plan helps the PR Now team of experts have the capabilities of turning your brand in to your greatest competitive advantage.

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Brand Market research includes extensive analysis and testing within the market related to our client’s products and service offerings in order to understand the market demand, the target audience and the brand equity.  Through the usage of primary and secondary research, our clients gain a thorough and deep understanding of their external environment and methods of leveraging against the competition.  Qualitative and quantitative research is conducted and is supported by report compilations that help illustrate the big picture to our clients.  Our industry leading research capabilities help our clients discover what their consumers want and how their brand is positioned to answer consumers’ demands.


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In order to understand how to best leverage your brand and products, it is important to understand how consumers view your brand.  That is, what is your market positioning?  How do consumers view your brand and your products and services?  Understanding the position of your company in the market place can have implications over who is buying your goods and what is the overall perception in the market.  It is important for marketers and advertisers today to understand the perception of their brand since studies have shown that your brand position and reputation in the market influences more than 89 percent of purchases.  In order to fully leverage your brand, understanding the location is one of the first steps.


Senior Marketing and Public Relations Consultants meet with the client and set up information gathering sessions including brainstorming, sample polling of a focused and specific audience, creative thought generation, strategic evaluation, and thought analysis.  In doing so, PR Now provides a full spectrum of thought-provoking sessions in order to better generate ideas that support and assist the brand and the position of the brand in the market place.


Combining your message, culture and objectives with the target demographic, audience and consumer needs is the goal of our award winning creative department services.  In order to grasp a full understanding of our client’s target market, PR Now creates a full spectrum of considerations that include a focus on demographics, geographic, cultural awareness, and additional considerations.  Discovering and overcoming some of these common barriers of entry is the goal behind PR Now’s Creative Development techniques.

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