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Idea Generation

Developing and implementing successful tactics requires idea generation.  That is, brainstorming, sample polling, knowledge gathering techniques, and discovery sessions are used to generate ideas that can support the development of the brand.

Businesses that are launching new product lines and organizations that need to develop methods and techniques of improving an existing product line (or even re-positioning) greatly benefit from Idea Generation services.  Even from as basic of generating an initial idea, these thought-generation tactics are used by the most highly successful brands in the world.

PR Now takes the time to set up brainstorming sessions with individuals from a variety of backgrounds.  Creating a team of individuals that have experience in multiple industries, sectors, and even business development avenues can be a very successful operation.  Oftentimes, the ideas that one of our peers may have can end up being an industry changing dynamic thought that can successfully help the brand better position itself.

In addition to brainstorming sessions, PR Now also installs small sample size polling where a small population is gathered to answer questions that are specific to the objective of the research.  Such components of the campaign also include general thought, thought analysis, strategic evaluation methods, and market positioning discovery sessions.  In order for us to generate a full list of comprehensive and strategic ideas for our clients, PR Now uses these techniques to develop thought provoking ideas.

PR Now offers the following Idea Generation services:

  • Brainstorming Sessions:  Some of the most successful and tactical ideas come from our peers.  That is, PR Now assembles a panel of individuals from various backgrounds and experiences to develop thought-provoking barnstorming sessions.  The ability to communicate ideas that we create generate momentum and the members of the session can help one another add quality to the idea.  This momentum building exercise aims to provide ideas and strategic thoughts to our clients.
  • Small Sample Size Polling:  Our team of industry experts creates small focused surveys and polls that are administered to individuals from a diverse background of business development.  In addition, sample questions are asked and request further explanation therefore essentially creating a digital brainstorming session.
  • Thought Analysis:  After we have gathered strategic ideas and thought, our team then assesses the ideas and thoughts and carefully examines the probability and predictability of these ideas generating return on investment for our client.  We essentially “test” the ideas with focus groups to discover strengths and weaknesses of such thoughts.
  • Discovery Sessions:  Generating thoughts and ideas as to the additional steps our clients can take to further leverage their brand and goods in the market place are the objective behind our discovery sessions.  With this, we continue along the method of brainstorming sessions with a group of qualified individuals to discover new methods of branding that have yet to be considered.  We present the ideas and thoughts at once, and ask respondents to discover new methods and techniques that have not been recommended as of yet.  This “evaluation” and “discovery” step is important as it can oftentimes uncover new ideas that need to be tested and implemented.
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