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Market Positioning

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It is important for our clients to have a full understanding as to where they are positioned in the market place.  That is, answering the call including how do consumers view your brand?  In addition, what is your brand identity in the market place?  With market positioning services, PR Now works directly with clients to assess the current position and help the client understand what their image or identity is in the minds of the consumer.

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PR Now, as a subsidiary of parent company WebiMax, can couple our research findings and use reputation and brand management services if a crisis communications strategy is called upon. That is, after the assessment, PR Now can successfully determine the image and position that the consumer associates with the brand.  In the event where the client needs to re-position their brand due to some sort of negative circumstance, PR Now has the capabilities to leverage reputation management and brand management services to change the identity of the brand.

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Through brand positioning services, PR Now conducts primary and secondary research, sets up sample size polling, focus group analysis, one-on-one interviews and perceptual mapping techniques in order to fully grasp the understanding of how the brand is positioned.

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In addition to either re-positioning or de-positioning the brand, PR Now can call upon the services of WebiMax if search engine optimization and other digital marketing strategies are required to further promote the brand.  WebiMax has established itself as a market leader in digital marketing strategies which greatly benefits PR Now and our capabilities since we are able to use these services to help our clients increase the velocity of a re-positioning branding operation if necessary.

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In order for consumers to engage in activity with the brand, including purchasing their goods and services, it is important to understand how the brand appears and furthermore where the brand is positioned.

PR Now offers the following Brand Positioning services:

  • Target Market Research:  Understanding the specific consumers that will benefit from our clients products and services is step 1.  In order to successfully market their goods, it is essential to understand which consumer the client is trying to reach.  The reality is there is an overwhelming amount of companies that market to the wrong audience.  We see this more common in small business in that they do not have the resources or sufficient market research capabilities to fully understand the wants and needs of their intended audience.  In the same way, there are medium and large-sized businesses that can easily market their products and services to the wrong audience.
  • Competitive Analysis:  As important as it is to understand who you are trying to market your products and services to, it is equally important to understand how your competitors are doing it.  That is, PR Now completes a comprehensive competitive analysis to illustrate to our clients how their competitors market their goods and furthermore who their competitors target.
  • Discovering the “hidden message”:  All consumers have a need and demand that they want to be filled.  We ask our clients, “What is your ‘hidden message’ to consumers?”  What is the big picture?  Every consumer wants to know the added value of a product and what it says about them.  Through polling a sample size of the target market, we discover the hidden message and help our clients discover how customers view their brand.
  • Perceptual Mapping Techniques:  In order to fully comprehend how consumers view our client’s brand and products, it is important to represent this in images.  Our team gathers the results of the above research and presents an image to our clients on a 4-point scale that indicates the 4 most important distinctions and classifications of their product.  Judging how consumers view your product will help our clients determine if they need to re-position or de-position their brand.
  • Strategic Recommendations:  Now that our clients have a full understanding of where their brand is positioned in the market place, our team of marketing experts create a full list of strategic recommendations to help our clients understand “now what”.  We have found that it is extremely important to inform our clients of their options in order for them to make their next necessary moves.  In these “next steps”, PR Now has a full suite of options for our clients including media relations and engagement, brand management services, and more.  In addition, PR Now can call upon the services of parent company WebiMax to create a digital marketing approach including search engine optimization services, search engine marketing, social media marketing, reputation management, and more.
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