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Market Research

PR Now offers clients market research solutions.  In that, our objectives are to gather information about the internal and external environment for our clients through conducting both primary and secondary research.

Through both systems of research, our team discovers the wants and needs from consumers in the market place whether it is targeted or in general.  Our team has a proven approach that looks to collect data from the client, conduct primary research through developing and administering digital surveys, and adding secondary research to the results in order to create a fully comprehensive and strategic analysis.

Our team of marketing experts then makes strategic recommendations based on the research findings and evaluates the results with our clients.  Some marketing organizations offer market research however none have the digital technologies and capabilities that PR Now has.

The Small Business Administration indicates that “understanding your market” is the most important reason for market research.  PR Now couldn’t agree more.  Below is a list of our market research solutions:

Primary Research

  • Qualitative Research:  From personal interviews, focus groups, and small sample size polling, our team develops the appropriate methods of measurements to help our clients understand the opinions and behaviors of their target market.  In addition, our research helps clients understand how they can effectively improve their products to better serve the needs and demands of their consumers.
  • Quantitative:  Developing surveys that are digitally administered and managed, PR Now offers our clients a fully comprehensive piece of market research that statistically represents the results of such surveys.  In addition, through our client center, our clients are able to log in to our client platform and see the results of the survey in real time.  This enhanced transparency and communications with our clients helps keep all parties involved on the same page so there is no guessing as to where any project stands.  PR Now has an extensive digital infrastructure fully capable of administering and recording the results of such surveys.

Secondary Research

  • Report Compilation:  Our team has access to some of the world’s leading digital databases including ABI Digital Inform ™, AERADE ™, BioOne ™, Business & Industry ™, EBSCO Host Databases ™, Factiva ™, Google Scholar ™, Hoover’s ™, IBISWorld ™, LexisNexis ™,  MEDLINE Plus ™, Oxford Journals Online ™, ProQuest ™, and more.  In doing so, PR Now searches through our digital resources to discover and organize such information pulling from world reports, scholarly journals, peer reviewed texts, statistical analysis, and more.  Conducting this research helps support or challenge our findings and helps our clients have a complete and thorough report of their market research.
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