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Brand Management


Public Relations professionals and marketing experts understand the value of Brand Management and the metrics which influence your brand’s presence and reputation, both on and offline.

The techniques used to leverage, establish, promote and protect the integrity of a specific business or brand are essential for companies and their management and thought leaders to utilize. offers many solutions which are considered crucial elements of Brand Management campaigns:

  • Integrated Public Relations – Press Releases, Media Pitches
  • Content Development – Placement of positive, relevant content on authoritative pages.
  • Media & News Placement – Positioning your brand’s leaders as industry experts within major outlets.

Solutions such as these have become a valuable commodity for businesses, particularly due to the evolution of the internet and the ability of a brand to reach all areas of the global environment.

While core fundamentals of both Brand Management and Public Relations remain relevant, the proactive management of brands through online methods and techniques have become crucial in remaining competitive and building critical authority.

Online brand management therefore deals with promoting the positivity of the brand online throughout news and media channels and protecting the integrity of the brand through a highly visible and effective medium. A study conducted by DoubleClick indicates that:

  • Online search plays a role in nearly half of all products purchased online
  • “Branded terms” peak in the online searches just before the purchase

In fact, 1 out of every 2 consumers will search online for the product, services and brand they are considering weeks before their planned purchase.

While the majority of consumers search based on generic terminology, the branded term peaks just before the purchase. This data indicates that there is approximately a 60 day time frame to effectively brand our products before the consumer makes their purchase decision.

As PR and Brand Management experts, we have the experience to overcome any sort of negative sentiment on behalf of our clients and leverage our highly effective techniques to restore their brand’s identity and reputation back to their pinnacle.  Additionally, we can protect businesses from potential reputation issues in the future.

Accordingly, our ability to leverage the integrity of the brand can take on either an offensive or defensive management strategy, depending on the circumstances. Our team of experts are highly skilled and have years of experience dealing with some of the most well-known brand management campaigns stemming from some of the world’s largest and most recognized companies.

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