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Brand Management Overview

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PR Now has the sophisticated process to offer clients Brand Management services that are fully integrated with a comprehensive public relations campaign.  That is, the ability to not only secure and enhance media relations and media engagements, but to properly locate those media appearances through the internet and leverage those engagements to build authority and credibility back to the brand.  Our team leverages our client’s media engagements and opportunities to ensure they are ranked well and appear in search engine rankings in order to promote the brand and gain a strong reputation and brand management online.

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Put simply, Brand Management services deals with having the ability to effectively monitor and understand what is being said about your brand online.  This is extremely important information these days as acknowledged by industry research that indicates more than 88 percent of a brand’s future customers research the brand online before they make their purchase decision.

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In order to properly integrate brand management solutions with our award winning public relations offerings, PR Now places a heavy emphasis on leveraging these engagements to promote brand recognition and visibility online so that consumers are influenced positively about your brand.  It is extremely rewarding and effective for our clients to turn media engagements and media relations in to opportunities to build brand authority and a strong reputation in the market place.

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Managing your brand online takes many forms and PR Now has developed a hierarchy process that builds momentum and translates to enhanced visibility and promotion online.


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It is first important to properly locate media engagements and ensure our clients know of the location of their segments.  For example, when a client’s press release is picked up and hosted by more than 250 news desks, it is important to locate these online and ensure they are able to be found in the search engine rankings.  In addition, for other media relations services including media pitches, content marketing and blogging and article placement, it is important to properly locate these engagements and promote them on the client’s web site.  The inability to locate these relations online can diminish the value of the integrated public relations offering if we are unaware of what to promote.  PR Now leverages industry leading reporting and analytics software and programs to discover the brand mentions and engagements online.  In doing so, we are able to ensure there are no published opportunities that fall through the cracks and we are able to use each piece of information to continue to effectively build brand authority, increase web site traffic and further solidify our client’s brand in the market place.


What is being said about your brand?  How are consumers conversing and discussing your brand and the quality of your products and services?  In order to build an effective Brand Management and reputation building services it is vital to understand the current position of the firm.  PR Now used intellectual mapping techniques to visually represent the brand and its current position, and further develops a strategy to either remain in place, advance, or change the positioning in the market place.  After all, the consumer will generate their thoughts and opinions of the brand, it is our job to influence that and ensure our client’s brand is effectively positioned online.  There are multiple facets of Brand Monitoring that include Analytics and Reporting, creating Mapping Visuals, and building content toward our client’s media engagements to further promote the visibility.


In order to maximize the necessary amount of opportunity out of each and every media engagement, PR Now has the abilities to build content toward the engagement to further promote and add value.  This includes blogging, hosting the engagement on our client’s web site, engaging on social media, and writing articles that surround the segment.  In this, our objective is to build authoritative content that can be used to further enrich each media opportunity.  For example, we have found it extremely beneficial for our clients to turn their 2 minute cable network media engagement in to a full blog post that discusses the opportunity in further detail while providing additional information that was not able to be discussed during the segment.  Content development practices are extremely effective in helping generate awareness and visibility for our client’s and their specific media engagements.

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