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Brand Monitoring

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It is important to understand what the overall feeling and perception is in the market place of our client’s brand, products and services.  In doing so, PR Now offers industry leading Brand Monitoring solutions that include illustrating consumer perception in the media through perceptual mapping and illustration, accurately represent how the consumer views your brand online, and develop the appropriate strategies to alter or enhance consumer perception.

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Since the internet plays a major role in the success and failures of many brands and consumer’s choices to purchase their products and services or not, PR Now places heavy emphasis on researching and having the capabilities to visually represent the consumer perception for our clients.  We understand the importance of painting an accurate picture.

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Understanding a brand’s current position considering consumer perception is the important first step.  PR Now has created a process of comprehensive Brand Monitoring techniques that are used to illustrate where the brand is positioned now, present information and evidence of what is being said about the brand, and make strategic recommendations going forward of how to alter the course or to remain on the same heading.  Our highly advanced brand monitoring solutions help client’s understand where they are today and help them decide where they want to go.

PR Now offers the following Brand Monitoring solutions:

  • Perceptual Mapping:  It is much easier and more effective to represent consumer perception using perceptual mapping techniques.  In doing so, PR Now observes and surveys the market place (within defined target markets or broad reach) in order to effectively develop an accurate image of the consumer perception toward our client’s brands.  Such examples of this include rating the overall perception of quality, services, pricing, durability, longevity, customer service and support, reputation, and more.  The ability to show this perception on a visual map helps both us and our clients understand their current position.
  • Manage / Influence Consumer Perception:  Once we are aware of what the consumer feels toward the brand of our clients, PR Now and our team of marketing and branding experts develop a strategy to leverage, manage and influence the perception of our clients.  In today’s online market place where 90 percent of consumers are influenced by what they read online, PR Now understands the important of either leveraging or influencing this perception in the market place.  In the event a crisis plan is necessary, our team develops crisis communications plans that can be used to respond to a varied amount of circumstances.  Typically however, in this stage PR Now leverages our abilities with social media, blogging, article distribution, and further media relations to address and influence the consumer perception of our client’s brand.
  • Strategic Recommendations:  After we have amassed all of the critical data needed to present our clients with brand monitoring solutions, PR Now and our team of marketing and branding experts then create a list of strategic recommendations for our clients.  This includes leveraging primary and secondary research to back up and add value to our findings and presenting our clients with a list of recommendations for changing, altering, or remaining on the same heading of consumer perception.  It is extremely important to not only discover the current position of our client’s brands in the eyes of the consumer, but to also make strategic recommendations to our client pulling from our experience to help them decide where they need to go from here.
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