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Content Development

Developing additional content to respond or influence the consumer perception in the market place is the objectives behind our Content Development services.  Oftentimes acknowledged as an important support system, content development includes writing blogs, engaging on social media, publishing articles and even hosting the engagement on our client’s web site.

Leveraging this type of added visibility goes a long way in being able to add additional value and further enhance the visibility and authorship of our client’s work.  For example, a media engagement on a major cable news network that lasts just a few minutes can be repurposed and manufactured to create a highly authoritative article that can be used to distribute to other relevant media mediums and coverage units.

Building additional content development practices is considered important infrastructure and lays the ground work for our integrated public relations offerings.  These important and necessary steps maximizes our client’s visibility and are versatile enough to create added value without having to circle back to step one with idea generation solutions.  That is, extending the reach and further embracing the opportunities to create added value with the work already done creates a highly efficient solutions package that our clients fully leverage.

PR Now offers the following Content Development services:

  • Blogging:  It requires multiple and many resources to develop an idea and position our clients as experts in their respective industries and generating thought provoking ideas for the media.  At PR Now, we fully embrace and leverage the opportunities to create highly authoritative and expert commentary by continuously searching for added value.  One important way is to create highly credible blog posts that are associated with a recent media engagement.  That is, oftentimes our clients have more information and data to share with the media than is allotted to them.  It is simply how the media operates.  We do not allow this information to disappear and therefore turn this data in to highly authoritative and relevant blog posts for our clients to offer additional insight and value.  These can be hosted on our clients web sites, engaged in guest blogging opportunities, and more.  Our objective here is to further create and enhance our client’s work and take full advantage of the opportunities to provide expert commentary.
  • Social Media Engagement and Promotion:  Engaging on social media adds an incredible amount of visibility and authorship for our clients.  All news networks and mediums have a social media presence and at PR Now, we act to leverage both the social media reach of the network in addition to our client’s social media presence to generate additional awareness and visibility for our clients.
  • Publishing and Repurposing Articles:  We fully understand the idea of not allowing opportunities slip away or become wasted.  Therefore, at PR Now our dedicated internal team of accredited writers can repurpose our client’s media relations work and create highly authoritative articles which can be facilitated through our public relations marketing program to ensure that our client’s expert commentary is fully leveraged and made visible across multiple platforms.
  • Hosting Engagements:  It is extremely important to host our client’s work on their web sites and ensure that they have a proper web presence with their media engagements and media relations.  In order to maximize this visibility, we leverage our website design and development solutions to create “In the Press” and “Newsroom” sections of our client’s web sites to ensure that all of the engagements and relations are made visible on their web sites.  Doing this ensures that all of the press and promotion in the media is hosting on their site and generates that added visibility and awareness that come with engaging with the media.
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