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Public Relations Monitoring

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The ability to properly locate and leverage each and every media engagement allows PR Now to have the necessary resources to build authority and credibility toward our client’s published work.  It is vital and extremely important to not allow media engagements to fall through the cracks and therefore it is extremely important to leverage each opportunity.

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In order to properly leverage Public Relations Monitoring solutions, PR Now used sophisticated software and processes that have been designed by our internal team of developers and brand management experts to be able to locate all of the media engagements that our clients are involved in.  For example, if a client appears on NBC News while at the same time has a press release hosted on Reuters, if we cannot locate these engagements then the value is severely diminished.  However, the ability to find these and further promote them generates enormous additional value for our clients and helps to enhance the visibility for consumers and potential clients to recognize during the engagement and beyond.

PR Now offers the following Brand Management services in support of our integrated public relations offerings:

  • Industry leading Analytics and Tracking:  Tracking the engagements and opportunities in the market place make PR Now’s Brand Management offerings top quality.  In that, we leverage in-house analytic and tracking solutions to properly locate and pinpoint the conversations and media mentions, relations, and engagements that exist online.  Without leveraging these solutions, it is virtually impossible to be able to effectively locate each opportunity in the media as it will become lost in the shuffle.  PR Now is able to locate these mentions and then use them as leverage to further build brand visibility, awareness and authority.
  • Media Awareness and Segment Enhancement:  In addition to having the capabilities to locate our client’s press mentions in the media, PR Now has the proven tactics of promoting and enhancing these engagements by adding additional value.  In doing so, comments, further discussions, and others are added to the segment which increases the visibility and search engine value of these engagements.  This ultimately provides a richer understanding of the concept and adds value beyond the segment in order to continue to generate maximum visibly for our clients.
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