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Digital Marketing Overview

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It is important to note that Digital Marketing tactics are replacing old and outdated traditional marketing methods.  The days of purchasing a billboard on a major interstate highway has been replaced with digital advertising banners on Google’s homepage.  The mass mailings consumers used to receive in their mailboxes outside of their homes have been replaced with email marketing services.  Costly television and radio commercials have been replaced with social media marketing and the usage of YouTube and other platforms.  Simply put, businesses that want to compete today must consider the importance of leveraging a digital marketing strategy. to Kant write plans to parts edwin
Research has indicated that sometime around 2000 – 2004, businesses started to fully embrace and understand the reality of digital marketing methods and their effectiveness and efficiency compared to traditional marketing tactics.  There is a reason why newspapers subscriptions are falling while at the same time social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter are recording more than 1 billion users.

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Ultimately, it comes down to leveraging a higher efficient and more effective marketing strategy to reach your consumers.  As part of PR Now’s integrated public relations techniques, we work with parent company WebiMax to build digital marketing strategies that promote the media relations and media engagements that our clients successfully acquire.

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As indicated in Figure 1, traditional media exposure without digital marketing services has a maximum of a 5 day shelf life.  Simply put, a media engagement reaches its maximum shelf life during the initial engagement, and then quickly loses its value over a 5-day period.  That is, if your target market was not tuned in to CNN at the time of your segment, and if your target consumer did not read the newspaper today that you were featured in, the value is lost and cannot be found.  There are many public relations firms in the world but very few, if any, can couple their public relations services with digital marketing strategies as well.  In doing so, PR Now ensures the successful media engagement is something that is not lost in the news cycle and ensures that your target market did not miss your segment. Textual Presidential write
As indicated in Figure 2, PR Now includes a fully digital marketing strategy to ensure the successful media appearance and engagement is not lost in the news cycle.  The initial segment is just the beginning of visibility.  That is, after the media engagement takes place, the work just begins.  PR Now leverages the leading digital marketing products and services from WebiMax to boost the value and visibility over an extended period of time.  Through social media marketing, blogging, link building, content development, and more, PR Now ensures our client’s media engagements are not lost and continue to generate long lasting value.

In addition to leveraging Digital Marketing techniques to promote the visibility of our client’s media engagements, PR Now also offers our clients a full product and services offering of digital marketing solutions through our parent company WebiMax.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involved improving and “optimizing” a website to increase its overall visibility on search engines.  These engines, including Google, bing, and Yahoo!, are responsible for more than 17 million search queries each month (according to comScore September 2012 U.S. Search Engine Rankings).  In order to improve the ranking of a website on search engines, methods including site infrastructure considerations, link building, coding, link-flows, content, authorship, and more play major roles.  Implementing a digital strategy that involves search engine optimization practices is one of the more important methods of promoting your website, media engagement, and others.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) includes various products and services including paid search and pay per click management, landing page optimization, analytics, banner advertisement services, and more.  Search engine marketing takes on a more “paid” mentality versus search engine optimization which employs natural and “organic” methods.  Search engine marketing is behind many of the advertisements that we see on popular websites and are an innovative method of generating website traffic.  In addition, search engine marketing focuses explicitly on generating conversions for our clients.  That is, not only generating more website traffic, but furthermore generating web site traffic that counts and results in some sort of conversion.  These conversions include making a phone call, filling out some sort of lead generation form, and even producing an email.  Our focus here is not only the visitor, but engaging and converting the visitor.


It is extremely important to have an online presence in the modern era.  Companies used to open in the morning, close in the evening, and remain closed on the weekends.  With the adoption of the internet and its far reaching capabilities, businesses now virtually remain open 24/7/365.  Creating a digital storefront where your business is open at all times of the day is essential to remaining competitive in today’s market place.  PR Now leverages the talent and successes from WebiMax to provide highly dynamic and search engine friendly websites that are engaging and promotes your business in a positive light.  Failing to have a successful web presence these days is equivalent to closing your business for the majority of the day.


In the focus of Inbound Marketing services, PR Now focuses on generating web site traffic for our clients through the development of blogs, article distribution (also associated with Content Marketing services), creating podcasts, white papers, converting web site visitors to qualified leads and converting current customers to higher level clients.  PR Now employs a highly dedicated and proven team of writers that are in charge of developing expert articles and pieces of content that are used to attract and retain web site traffic, create conversions on our client’s site, and also reach additional consumers.  Inbound marketing has taken on a new form in the modern era and is highly effective for the usage of small business.


In the media, consumers by now are fully aware that print newspapers, books, and magazine are transforming or being replaced by digital formats.  That is, these mediums have converted to become available on mobile and tablet devices.  Research conducted by Strategy Analytics indicates that 1 in 10 people will own a tablet device by 2016.  This means that more than 780 million consumers throughout the world will own and operate a tablet device in the next 4 years.  As more and more news mediums are converting to mobile and tablet devices PR Now acknowledges the change in the environment and develops highly sophisticated mobile versions of our client’s websites to become optimized on a mobile and tablet device.

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