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Inbound Marketing

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Inbound Marketing solutions are primarily concerned with capturing enhanced visibility and attention in the market place.  There are several ways of accomplishing this goal and PR Now has developed innovative and highly effective methods of this.  With a main focus on generating web site traffic, creating conversions and gaining the necessary tracking and visibility in the market place, PR Now’s team of industry experts and highly accredited in-house writing department creates dynamic articles for our clients.

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At the end of the day, the goal is to increase the website traffic and visibility of our clients.  PR Now leverages many facets of inbound marketing solutions to create additional awareness and visibility for our clients.  Some of our most effective products and services include blogging, podcasts, white papers, and highly authoritative article contributions to industry leading web sites and domains.  We have discovered innovative methods of marketing our client’s work in the market place and have successfully built strong relationships with some of the most credible newspapers, magazine, authors, independent writers, freelance writers, and publications throughout the world.

Here’s a look inside the specific products and services that PR Now offers clients as part of our inbound marketing initiatives:

  • Blogging:  Hosting a blog on your website provides a multitude of benefits including search engine value, expert commentary, authorship, credibility, and enhanced visibility.  Search engines value recent and relative content and the frequency that it is generated.  Our dedicated team of in-house writers are accomplished and well-experienced in writing blogs for our clients and publishing these to their web sites.  Through leveraging highly search engine friendly blogging interfaces, our team of writers help our client’s web sites gain added value each and every day.  Oftentimes, our blogs and articles are engaged in guest blogging opportunities and effective and valuable relationships are built amongst other bloggers.  There is additional search engine value that is generated with guest blogging and relationship building as well.
  • Podcasts:  Consumers are on the move these days now more than ever before.  There is significant demand for a more versatile and mobile method of receiving and generating news and relevant information by today’s consumer.  In response to this demand, PR Now has developed and hosts Podcast capabilities for our clients.  In this, our internal team of professionals conduct audio broadcasts with our clients and convert the media to .mp3, .wav, and other file extensions and can host these audio files on our clients website in addition to properly setting this up though Apple iTunes and other audio software.  Our team of experts properly train and educate the client to ensure the most relevant and rich issues are being covered and we furthermore leverage our other digital marketing initiatives to generate awareness and visibility to our clients Podcasts.  These are excellent methods of reaching and connecting with today’s fast-paced consumer.
  • White Paper Creation:  It is important from a credibility, authorship, and authority level to create white papers.  In addition to these important considerations, PR Now also looks at white papers as a lead generation opportunity.  That is, PR Now can create white papers for our clients on their respective industries through our industry leading market research, idea generation, and other brand development initiatives.  In addition to composing this highly advanced work, PR Now then creates a dynamic landing page that is focused on generating leads and converting existing web site traffic to conversions that are taking the extra step to fill out online forms and their contact information is retained and used for marketing initiatives.  Our ability to create highly advanced and authoritative white papers in addition to creating the landing page and lead generation solutions make PR Now’s white paper offerings extremely popular and highly effective for clients.
  • Authoritative Article Distribution:  Consumers crave information and today more than ever, these groups of individuals want to understand what trends are evolving in the market place.  There is a significant amount of time and resources that goes in to the discovery of new trends, seeking expert analysis, and hearing someone’s position on a relevant topic.  PR Now offers authoritative article distribution services for our clients.  In this, we leverage our vast and large network of credible journalists and reporters to position our clients as experts in their respective fields and look to secure article distribution services on their web site.  These web sites include magazine, newspaper, news sources, and other highly credible domains.  Reporters and journalists are constantly looking for sources to add value and insight in to their work.  It is important therefore to answer that request and PR Now has the experience, knowledge, resources, and contacts in the market place to connect our clients with industry publications to secure authoritative article distributions.
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