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Mobile and Tablet

Today’s consumer is on the move, fast paced, and craves information at an even faster rate than yesterday.  How do we respond to this demand?  The adoption of mobile and tablet products in today’s market place has spurred the creation of mobile and tablet versions of websites, books, movies, article, and more.

Cisco recently conducted a mobile study and found that by 2016, mobile video will represent 70.5 percent of all mobile activity, while mobile web and data will represent an additional 20 percent, respectively.  It is therefore necessary to answer this demand since this is where the market is headed.  We know this by now and it is thus important to start planning for the future growth of mobile adoption and further development over the next 4 years.

With slightly more than 90 percent of consumers leaning on mobile and tablet technology by 2016, it is vital now that businesses increase these initiatives to be able to communicate with the amount of consumers that will be mobile and tablet-based in the coming years.

PR Now successfully creates mobile websites for our clients and furthermore optimizes our client’s articles, audio files, and video files for mobile usage.  In today’s fast changing and competitive market place, your consumer is looking for tools and information on their mobile devices.  Answering that call with a mobile and tablet ready infrastructure is a direct line of communication between your brand and your consumer.

Figure 2 below, also gathered courtesy of Cisco research, indicates that 75 percent of consumers will own 1 mobile device by 2016, while 25 percent will over two or more.  This figure clearly demonstrates our focus on mobile devices and information in the future.  Simply put, the world is moving to mobile and tablets and as a business, it is important to answer this demand.

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