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Four Press Release Writing Strategies that Demand the Spotlight

Four Press Release Writing Strategies that Demand the Spotlight

October 8th, 2013

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The relationship between press release writing and SEO isn’t what it used to be. While you may have once considered your press release to be simply a valuable home for a link, competition for attention is now on the rise, and treating your PR piece more like social media may be a more successful strategy. Content and structure in your newsworthy piece are far more important to the message’s visibility than anything else in the current SEO climate, so if you want to garner attention (and results!), you’ve got to be strategic.

Know your Niche

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Don’t cater to a general audience — in doing so, you might as well be calling into the void. Instead, identify your target audience and, more importantly, what gets their attention. What are they sharing on Facebook? Who are they retweeting? What are they interested in right now? Sure, the main goal of a press release is to inform your audience about what’s going on with your industry, but you’ve also got to provide interesting and useful content if you want them to read and share it.

Calculate your Title

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Your title has to be a lot of things: it has to be attention-grabbing; it has to appeal to the average Internet user, who is likely scrolling through a list of headlines, all of which are competing with yours; perhaps even more importantly, it should be somewhere around 100 characters so that anyone who likes the piece can easily share it on Twitter. In this day and age, your title is one of the most important aspects of the content – treat it as such.

Link Wisely

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You’re probably accustomed to linking to your company’s website for potential customers in the call to action, and that’s a good practice. That being said, where in the content are you locating your call to action? PR Newswire recently acknowledged that their users have far more success when their call to action is located toward the top of the press release as opposed to near the bottom, so this is something you might want to consider.

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If the only link in your press release is to your own website, your press release could probably be better. If you’ve quoted someone, link their name to their blog or bio! If you’ve cited an interesting statistic, link to the study so the reader can learn more. Remember, you’re trying to engage and inform.

It’s also never a bad idea to consider embedding a Click-to-Tweet link on some important text within the content. This makes it effortless for readers to share the content socially, which only benefits you further.

Be Visual

Visual strategy applies to both the appearance of the text and associated images. Maximize the use of white space to send a message that is concise and informative, rather than verbose and overwhelming. Add a picture that adds to the content, like a screenshot, a graph, or a never-before-seen photo, as opposed to an obvious-choice stock photo that doesn’t attract any attention.

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