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Media Relations

There is a constant demand of information these days by consumers and reporters and journalists are tasked with connecting expert commentary and illustrating examples of real life actions in to trends and evolving circumstances.  It is therefore our mission to connect our clients with these members of the media in order to gain the necessary expert analysis and commentary they crave, while at the same time satisfying our clients’ needs with successful media relations and engagements.

It can become highly challenging to position our experts with the media since the news is constantly changing.  Every minute of each day, a new story and trend evolves and experts are needed to cover these events and translate the situation for the end-user and consumer.  At PR Now, we understand the challenges and have developed effective and efficient strategies to leverage the opportunities that exist in the media to gain visibility for our clients.

From standard tactics including press release distribution, media pitches, expert commentary, media training session and other engagements to search engine friendly and integrated offerings including blogging, content marketing, article placement, and more, our team understands the new age of media relations and capitalizes on these opportunities for our clients.

PR Now has established a vast network of reputable media contacts across multiple industries, sectors, and mediums to have the capabilities and authority to connect the members of the media with our clients.  In addition to establishing and managing these connections, PR Now leverages our integrated public relations offerings to combine this package and use digital strategies to enhance the visibility of the specific relation and engagement opportunity.

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