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Blogging and Article Placement

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Similar to our press release and media placement solutions, PR Now takes the opportunity to generate blogging and article placement services to some of the most credible news outlets.  The process included in this involves having a full understanding of editorial calendars and knowing what type of articles and stories the specific beat writer is looking for.  In that, PR Now leverages these opportunities and develops pitches to send to the writer in order to establish a connection.  This connection is then acted on in hopes that the outlet retains the information and hosts the article in their publication.

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PR Now leverages a highly advanced and sophisticated database that contains the editorial calendars of all of the print, online and cable news outlets throughout the United States.  In addition, our team of experts has successfully secured numerous connections which provide us the opportunity to remain in direct contact with specific outlets and reporters.  These connections present many opportunities for us to enjoy the success of pitching our expert’s and their commentaries.  Our success rate is therefore greatly enhanced.

Below is a snapshot of our media relations blogging and article placement distribution services:

  • Survey Editorial Calendar:  PR Now actively searches through the editorial calendar of multiple outlets spanning numerous industries.  The editorial calendar indicates what coverage and topics they intend to cover in the future and allow us the opportunity to pitch our experts on their relevant topics and effectively deliver targeted resources to the appropriate contact.
  • Pitch our expert with their commentary:  Once we establish a connection with the appropriate journalist and beat writer, PR Now’s internal team of accredited writers develop a pitch offering our expert with their respective take on the subject.
  • Engage and execute the opportunity with the outlet:  Similar to media pitches, PR Now then acts as the liaison between the outlet and the expert and secures the opportunity.
  • Secure the opportunity and promote the material:  Digital marketing and promotions is enabled at this point and PR Now leverages our multi-channels of visibility promotions to enhance the visibility of the engaged opportunity.
  • Maintain connection and cultivate relationship:  Immediately following the execution of the opportunity, PR Now remains in contact with the journalist and outlet to ensure maximum transparency and providing future opportunities on behalf of the client.
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