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Content Marketing

PR Now provides content marketing services that include the development of white papers, microsites, webcasts and webinars, engaging press kits, digital literature, and more.  We have found that the development of such digital literature and strategic targeting solutions provides a significant amount of residual value to our clients.

Of all of our objectives we aim to surpass in our media relations solutions, our main focus is to leverage our client’s expertise to become thought provoking and highly sophisticated contributors in their industry and sector and additionally become recognized as industry experts.  We leverage these opportunities to market our clients through various initiatives to become the “go-to” expert in their respective sectors.  Through experience and results, PR Now has discovered that creating rich content marketing solutions provides a strong infrastructure to support a comprehensive media relations campaign.

One method of proving your expertise and authorship in your respective industry can be accomplished through the development of white papers.  Not only does this prove expertise, it is also used as a lead generator and mechanism to attract leads and additional web site traffic.  In addition, hosting webcasts and webinars are also extremely effective in both proving expertise and also generating leads.  PR Now have the digital infrastructure and technology to successfully apply our industry leading research techniques to create white papers, design microsites and landing pages to host the paper and generate leads and engage the external environment for our clients.

The following is a look inside PR Now’s content marketing product and services offerings:

  • White Paper design, development and hosting solutions:  Establishing your expertise while generating qualified leads for your business is our main objectives in this component of content marketing solutions.  In that, our internal team of experts has the capabilities to compose highly authoritative white papers that are rich in both primary and secondary research, examples, case studies, and more.  We leverage a combination of tactics including market research, same size polling, interviews of the client and their key personnel for insight and also seek expert commentary from individuals outside of the organization to add value.  PR Now designs highly sophisticated and engaging white papers that also act as a lead generator for our clients.  We host the document and have the capabilities to design appropriate landing pages to support the document.
  • Microsite and Landing Page solutions:  Some of the major benefits of designing white papers, webinars, press kits and more are to generate qualified leads for our clients.  Through our parent company WebiMax, PR Now designs and develops engaging microsites and landing pages to host these digital components and generate valuable leads for our clients.  In addition, given WebiMax’s background and reputation in search engine optimization and digital marketing solutions, these microsites and landing pages are highly visible and search engine friendly.  PR Now also leverages various opportunities to direct traffic toward these sites that host such literature.
  • Webcasts and Webinar hosting:  An additional lead generator tactic, PR Now can host your next webcast and webinar.  In doing so, highly engaging events are designed, developed and hosted through our platforms to address a digital audience speaking toward evolving trends and current events within our client’s respective industries.  Digital marketing and media relations components are added to the mixture to enhance the visibility and awareness of such events which result in higher levels of participation and attendance.  PR Now has the technology, experience and success in hosting such webcasts and webinars.
  • Press Kit design and development:  Collaborating all of our client’s press mentions, media inquiries, contact information and more are the essential components of our press kit design and development solutions.  Oftentimes, we observe there are experts that are featured in the media so frequently that they simply do not have the time or resources to create highly engaging and effective press kits.  The design and development of such digital literature can significantly increase the exposure and visibility of the client’s published work.
  • Digital inbound marketing literature:  The further development of additional supporting literature increases the overall awareness and visibility of our clients and their media relations.  PR Now leverages each and every opportunity to enhance our client’s positioning in the media through active outreach and promotions materials.
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