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Engaging with members of the media has become an essential component of any public relations offerings and solutions package.  At PR Now, we leverage multiple engagement opportunities to continue to build and cultivate our relationships with members of the media through events, meetings, networking opportunities and more.  With our media engagement solutions, PR Now offers a comprehensive and full array of services that associate with connecting our clients with the media and engaging them to have a full understanding of what business our clients are involved in, their backgrounds and evidence of expertise, in addition to the areas of emphasis that they are qualified to cover.

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Through sending out pitches to various members of the media to engage with them and establish a connection between our client and the proper journalist, reporter, beat writer and medium, PR Now has developed a successful strategy for connecting our clients with the media.  In addition, PR Now uses a highly sophisticated and advanced platform that provides us the ability to connect with more than 1.5 million journalists, writers, beat writers, producers and mediums throughout the world.

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PR Now also provides our clients with full transparency through our advanced and integrated client platform.  In this platform, all of our work is posted in near real-time and the client can log in with unique credentials to view the status of any given campaign.  This full transparency provides our clients with exceptional service.

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The term “Media Engagement” is very broad and really describes any and all connections PR Now makes with members of the media on behalf of our clients.  Actively maintaining these relationships and cultivating the connections are essential components of this offering.

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Once momentum is built with establishing and maintaining these connections, we have successfully created a system where the journalist, reporter, beat writer, and producer will actively reach out to us and ask to be connected with a specific client in a specific industry.  These opportunities are consistent and are an added benefit of working with the PR Now team.

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