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Media Pitches

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The ability to leverage our client’s expertise and qualifications in their relevant fields enable PR Now to develop highly engaging media pitches.  These pitches are sent directly to journalists, reporters, beat writers, producers and news desks throughout the world.  The result of the media pitches is to create an additional engagement and connect the client with the beat writer to discuss their thoughts and analysis.  This engagement is then intended to result in enhanced press coverage, visibility and expert response.

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At PR Now, we have the capabilities to pinpoint specific journalists by geographic region and also by specific area of emphasis and coverage topic.  From the major networks to a local hometown newspaper, PR Now has the technology, processes and proven track record to leverage our client’s expertise to gain media recognition and exposure.

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Our integrated process ensures that our clients are positioned as experts in their relevant fields and discuss current trends in the market place.  We have found an extreme amount of success when experts talk about trends and offer their insights.  In addition, discussing how certain current events apply to our client’s businesses or areas of expertise is an effective method of obtaining press and media coverage.

Below is our process of gaining press and media visibility through distributing Media Pitches:

  • Choose a highly relevant topic within client’s scope of expertise:  Through industry analysis and leveraging mapping technologies that inform our team of what trends are evolving in specific industries, PR Now has the abilities to pinpoint evolving trends within our client’s verticals to position our clients to have the capabilities to discuss evolving and breaking news and trends.
  • Compose a media pitch that offers the topic, expert thought and analysis, and a call to action:  Our internal team of accredited writers and media relations experts and highly proficient with writing media pitches that have the proper and necessary layout in order to present the idea to the journalist, offer our client’s expert analysis and feedback on the trend, and offer a call to action to entice the reporter to contact us to generate additional insight from our client.  This process has been refined and perfected through experience and results.
  • Act as the liaison between the reporter / beat writer and the client to connect the two parties:  PR Now is the liaison between the reporter and our client.  PR Now acts as a facilitator and further cultivates such information to link our clients with the appropriate news rooms to gain media coverage and visibility.
  • Obtain the published material:  Immediately following the engagement, PR Now remains in contact with the journalist and obtains the published work.  This work is then highly publicized as part of our integrated public relations solutions and PR Now leverages digital marketing techniques through parent company WebiMax to dramatically grow the awareness and visibility of the engagement.  This step is where PR Now takes it to the next level with digital marketing enhancements.  In that, momentum and growth is added to the media engagement and therefore promoting and generating search engine value.
  • Cultivate relationship to gain further opportunities for the client with the specific news outlet:  PR Now maintains contact with the journalist and cultivates the relationship that has been established, allowing our clients to engage in future opportunities with the reporter and journalist.
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