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Media Relations Overview

Media Relations products and services offering by WebiMax enables us to offer strategic and innovate media solutions to our clients that result in enhanced and added visibility, brand awareness, and authority amongst today’s most popular and up-and-coming media networks.  PR Now has developed a strategic and comprehensive suite of media relations offerings that promote our clients and their respective brands and insights to engage with the media and to generate coverage where consumers are looking.

Our integrated approach to public relations offerings not only enable our clients to gain media visibility and awareness, but we further leverage award winning digital marketing solutions to combine and enhance the visibility of such relations and engagements.  Put simply, there are a multitude of public relations firms in the market place today, however very few, if any, are able to couple their public relations and media relations services with industry leading digital marketing strategies to create highly effective integrated public relations campaigns.

Our full suite of Media Relations services includes leveraging multiple opportunities in different circumstances to enhance the visibility of our clients.  PR Now works directly with clients to act on these opportunities and solidify our client’s positions as experts in their respective industries.


Interacting and engaging with members of the media become the focal point here for PR Now and our clients.  It is essential to be able to reach out and establish a connection with various individuals including writers, journalists, reporters, producers, and more.  With our Media Engagement solutions, we look to establish and maintain a connection between members of the media and our clients.  In doing so, our experts are called upon to provide expert analysis and commentary in to real world trends and evolving news.  This is a relationship nurturing and enrichment focus and PR Now has established successful engagements with many members of the media across multiple industries.


It is important to announce and highlight milestones and accomplishments of your organization and brand.  Failing to do so will hinder the amount of visibility and awareness that exists on a client’s brand, products, and offerings.  Press release distribution used to be a tactic of the past including writing a sophisticated release and sending it to the local newspaper.  However, today, press release distribution has become a digital strategy that includes search engine friendly and enhanced visibility offerings.  That is, PR Now leverages industry leading software and distribution platforms to distribute our client’s press releases.  These releases also include back links to the client’s web site and also added value including images and digital videos.  Press release distribution has incredible emerged and reached all new heights in the modern era.


Consumers are constantly looking for expert analysis and commentary in to real-world offerings.  As the consumer craves this information in a data-driven and information-driven landscape of the modern era, the media is constantly looking for sources to add insight and their thoughts.  At PR Now, we have created a successful and highly effective media pitching solutions that connect our experts with the relevant journalist.  That is, we use sophisticated mapping technology to discover trends and topical information and offer our client’s as esteemed experts in their respective industries.  Then, we create effective media pitches offering our clients to speak on behalf of the trend, topic, and issue.  We have become very successful in this practice and this is one of our most popular service offerings.


Content Marketing solutions includes the development of thought leadership content and distribution within our clients verticals and relevant industries to enhance their position as industry experts.  Through content marketing services, PR Now and our internal team of accredited writer’s develop thought provoking and highly engaging marketing content to attract, acquire, and engage consumers to our client’s brands, products and services.  This also includes the development of white papers, microsites (in conjunction with parent company WebiMax), and even webcasts.  These engaging opportunities attract the members of the media and further provide credibility for our experts.


It is important for our clients to be properly trained in how to address and engage with members of the media.  Since the media is often tasked with discovering creative and thought-provoking commentary we have found it is extremely effective to have training sessions with our clients to properly educate and train them to engage with the media.  Through setting up virtual or face-to-face consulting sessions, our team of public relations experts ensures our clients are fully prepared to meet with and engage with members of the media.  It is the attention to detail and the careful planning that PR Now conducts that helps solidify our position as industry experts.


Hosting events whether they are clients meetings, trade shows, and custom schedules is part of our event management solutions.  In this, PR Now creates a digital marketing strategy that aims to attract involvement and generate a following in order to successfully promote through public relations, social media, paid advertisement, and on-site properties to highlight the event.  PR Now is capable of successfully managing and hosting webinars and webcasts for our clients through leveraging our highly sophisticated online software and services.  In addition, PR Now not only assists and can host these events, we also leverage our digital marketing and public relations strategies to further promote our client’s events whether they are face-to-face or virtual.


There are constant demands for speaking engagements and speaker placements in today’s era.  That is, between trade shows, summits, conferences and other opportunities, there is a constant demand for experts to provide presentations and speaking initiatives.  PR Now successfully identifies these opportunities and provides the appropriate tools and measurements to position our clients and offer their expertise to be speakers at these types of events.  In doing so, there is an incredible amount of visibility that is generated in speaking engagements.


There are many opportunities with major publications and media outlets to recognize the accomplishments of individuals, brands, businesses, products and services.  Our clients routinely appear within these opportunities and PR Now has the reach and the capabilities to identify relevant award opportunities and nominate our clients for various awards  This includes recognition by business journals, publications, magazine, and other outlets.


Pulling from our vast network of media connections, we are able to offer blogging and article distribution services for our clients.  In that, we take the opportunity to generate expert analysis and commentary and contact relevant mediums within our client’s verticals to secure regular placement on highly authoritative outlets.  This value is significantly enhanced when the relationship is generated and maintained for our clients.  PR Now has the abilities to identify appropriate outlets and connect the reporters and writers with our experts.  There is an enormous amount of search engine value that is generated from regular article contribution to major outlets and is part of our integrated public relations offerings.

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