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Media Training

The media can at times be unpredictable, thought-provoking and overly engaging as they look for opportunities to leverage against an expert and their commentary.  PR Now understands these dynamics of the media and ensures that our clients are completely prepared to speak with such members of the media.  In order to properly prepare our clients for media interaction, PR Now offers extensive media training sessions.

Our media training services cover such areas including interview preparation, opportunity engagements, background and related information on the reporter and outlet, recommended talking points, real-time breaking news that relates to the topic of discussion, and interviewing tactics.

In order to ensure our experts are fully prepared for their media engagement, PR Now recommends a training session prior to the segment.  When the client is comfortable enough to proceed without training, PR Now will still provide necessary and appropriate documents prior to the interview to ensure that our experts are fully prepared for their engagement.

Our media training solutions can be conducted virtually, over a phone call or even face-to-face.  At PR Now, we pride ourselves on our ability to ensure our clients are most prepared and succeed in their engagement.

PR Now offers the following media training services:

  • Pre-interview considerations:  It is important to understand the media outlet and their special considerations.  Understanding the segment, interviewer, and the outlet can shed light on to the tone that the interview could take.  For example, speaking with a financial reporter that has a background in politics may include a political stance. Understanding these types of special considerations help our client prepare for unexpected questions.
  • Recommended talking points:  We fully prepare our clients for their media engagements with information in real-time.  This includes providing up-to-the-minute details and breaking news that impacts the conversation.
  • Interview tactics:  The reporter wants to hear the expert’s analysis, commentary and position on the topic.  Training the client to understand certain tactics that can be applied throughout the engagement is extremely advantageous to the expert.  PR Now has discovered multiple tactics that we provide as recommendations to the client to ensure they are fully aware of their surroundings and circumstances.
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