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Press Release Distribution

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PR Now leverages a sophisticated public relations distribution center where we are able to send our client’s news and press releases to more than 1.5 million news desks throughout the world.  In addition to our broad reach, we are also able to pinpoint specific journalists, reporters, beat writers, and producers covering particular subjects and areas of emphasis.

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Our proven approach to creating highly targeted press and news releases that are sent directly to the news desks in our client’s subject areas increase the relevancy and pick up rate of our PR Now designed press release distribution services.  In addition to this, PR Now through parent company WebiMax creates expert written material that is search engine friendly and ensures maximum visibility and rankings of the press releases so that they can be located on search engines.

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Each press release includes links to our client’s web sites so that the press release not only holds maximum search engine value, but also generates website traffic.  The reader can simply click on the back links contained within the release to easily navigate toward our client’s web sites.  This increase in visibility for website traffic is a specialized function that did not exist before in traditional press release distribution services.

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In addition, with particular emphasis on search engine value, as each press release is picked up by online news desks (AP, Reuters, CBS Market Watch, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, and many more), there is a tremendous amount of SEO value that is generated when these highly credible and authoritative news web sites are hosting back links to our client’s web sites.

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Gaining visibility, web site traffic, SEO value and authority are the main objectives that are met with each and every press and news release from PR Now.

Below are the key features of our press and new release distribution services:

  • Create Highly Targeted News and Press Release Announcements:  Our press and news releases are delivered to the largest media outlets in the world.  These include the AP, Reuters and more.  In addition, each release is written by our internal team of accredited writers that creates highly targeted material that can be sent to specific news rooms, journalists, reporters, beat writers and producers.  The ability to create and deliver targeted press and news releases enable PR Now to generate maximum return from such releases and our clients receive the benefits of this return.
  • Generate Website Traffic:  Generating visibility and awareness of the client’s brand, products and services are some of the major objectives of press and news release distribution services.  In addition, PR Now looks to generate web site traffic for our clients therefore increasing the overall effectiveness and impact of the release.
  • Create High SEO Value:  Each and every press release is indexed and linked back to the client’s web site which generates an enormous amount of search engine and SEO value.  In doing so, the news sites that host the release provide strong value back to the client’s web site and furthermore helps direct visitor traffic.
  • Addition of Images and Video Capabilities:  Images and company logos / photos are included in these press and news releases which enhance the visibility of the release and adds an additional element of recognition.  In addition, through our Video Development services, we have the ability to add video to press and news releases thereby enhancing the overall visibility of the release.  Video components are ranked well by search engines and this added value represents another enhancement to our releases.
  • Enhanced Authority and Credibility:  The ability to gain exposure and visibility on major news networks and news desks adds significant authority and credibility for our clients.  That is, when your consumers and customers find your release on Reuters and the Wall Street Journal, this adds additional components of authority and credibility.

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