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PR Monitoring

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Public Relations Monitoring solutions include effectively surveying the landscape to determine appropriate mentions and visibility that is created from our integrated public relations offerings. In doing so, PR Now creates effective analytic and reporting measures and metrics that are distributed through the web and look to further illuminate mentions, engagement, and added visibility of our clients in the media and relevant sources.

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The ability to effectively monitor what is being said about a brand, product, and service enables PR Now the ability to accurately describe the current position of our clients and accurately gauge the consumer perception in the market place. Since more than 90 percent of consumers actively discuss a brand and product / services offering on the internet, it is our job to locate these mentions and conversations through highly sophisticated analytic and tracking solutions.

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PR Now, in conjunction with parent company WebiMax, has the tools and digital infrastructure to create monitoring techniques that locate and pinpoint points of conversation in the web. Having the ability to locate these mentions and conversations helps PR Now have the ability to provide our clients with fully transparent public relations monitoring services.

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These techniques are used to shine light and illuminate the conversations that are occurring online. In order to respond to this conversation, PR Now uses these monitoring solutions to influence our objectives and strategies in the future. That is, understanding whether or not to address or engage in certain conversation (even if a crisis communications tool is required) or simply to create added value to enrich a conversation online, PR Now has the capabilities of discovering these opportunities and positioning our clients to have expert response.

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Monitoring methods are extremely important in today’s digital market place. The evolution of blogging, article distribution and other expert commentary enables consumers to discuss brands, products and services and offer their insight. We leverage this to create opportunities for our clients.

In addition to monitoring what is being said specifically about our client’s brands, we also use public relations monitoring techniques to discover trends and evolving opportunities to position our clients. Through using sophisticated mapping and other discovery methods, PR Now is aware of the evolving market trends and is aware of what consumer are discussing, and furthermore what information consumers crave.

Knowing this allows PR Now the availability to position our clients to address highly relevant and evolving topics in the media which significantly enhance the probability of media engagement and relations.

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