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Press Releases vs. Media Pitches – Which is Right for You?

Press Releases vs. Media Pitches – Which is Right for You?

September 30th, 2013

There is a common misconception in Public Relations about the difference between press releases and media pitches. Contrary to popular belief, press releases are not necessary to get media coverage. Press releases should only be used if your business has something newsworthy to announce about the company, whereas media pitches provide a great platform to comment as an expert on a trending topic in your industry.

Press Releases at a Glance
extra extra newspaper - imagePress releases are written in a journalistic-manner, which is objective and impersonal, meaning that the writer is simply reporting the news. In order to be successful, a press release must read as news and be able to be published as is or quoted in a bigger news story.

Media Pitches, Simplified
A media pitch, put simply, is a letter to an editor or journalist. The pitch should touch upon a trending topic within your industry, on which you offer your expert opinion. The main objective of a media pitch is to catch the reader’s (the journalist’s) attention – enough to be offered an interview, guest blog, or spot on a radio or television program.

As opposed to a press release, a media pitch isn’t a complete story and should include the most important information — but not all the details — as a teaser for a story would. Media pitches can also offer a creative tone and are less formal in format and language. Unlike press releases, they are never published as is.
To recap, press releases should be written only to report on something newsworthy within your business, such as event marketing, a product launch, or a release on new research findings. Media pitches are great for reacting to trending news items to get your name in front of journalists. Both provide excellent opportunities to increase your visibility and get you or your brand’s name out there. When you know how to utilize both for maximum efficiency, it becomes much easier to build connections and put your business in the public eye.

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