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Promoting Reviews Through Press Releases

Promoting Reviews Through Press Releases

May 8th, 2013

Promoting Reviews Through Press Releases

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Your brand’s reputation is integral to its success.  By utilizing Press Releases to tout positive reviews and other user-generated content, you can improve your reputation and your bottom line.  PR professionals know that through Press Release distribution, your company can receive high-profile placements on major news sites and add significant value to your brand’s identity.

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PR for Your Reputation
Gaining recognition for your company’s achievements and milestones is essential and Press Releases help to facilitate this important element of your business’ success.  Using PR to announce positive news and updates as well as awards or consumer feedback can add SEO value as well as boost Reputation Management efforts.

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By issuing Press Releases to tout customer satisfaction rankings and other topics relevant to your client base, you can effectively diminish the presence of any negative reviews in search results as well as paint a more positive picture of your brand to your audience. Review Page eb process college
The Value of Press Releases
Besides brand recognition, Press Releases are useful in building rankings for branded terms and other relevant keywords.  Recent studies indicate that Google and other major search engines do include Press Releases as a ranking factor for specific keywords.  This provides a great channel for your customers and prospective clients to discover your brand and its offerings.

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Additionally, Press Releases can lend to your overall credibility and growth.  With over 80% of consumers researching a brand online before conducting business, it is important to provide valuable, positive content to potential customers.

Press Releases are an extremely powerful resource for all businesses and are the cornerstone of a successful Public Relations campaign.  Going forward, using PR to boost positive reviews and company insights will be a major component in virtually every business’ online marketing and PR initiatives.

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