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Pre and Post Production Services

Many video content producers realize that pre-production processes such as scripting and budgeting and post-production efforts such as editing and distribution are amongst the most challenging aspects of video production.  Despite the difficulties involved in these processes, they are an essential component of creating the most high-quality, engaging videos.

To assist in the pre and post-production phases, PR Now’s experienced Rich Content Development Team offers the following services to aspiring video content creators:

  • Concept and Script Development (Pre-Production):  Arguably the most crucial stage of rich content creation, the development of a video concept and the subsequent scripting process are necessary in order to build the initial framework of a high-quality, professional video.
  • Production Planning (Pre-Production):  The planning procedure involves important factors such as budgeting, casting, location scouting and prop & equipment evaluation.  These are all essential components of video production and will help to create a more effective finished product.
  • Production Design (Pre-Production):  Production Design is a creative, hands-on process which involves designing the environment of the video.  This service includes set decoration, prop construction and other important aesthetic details, which are a critical part of rich content development.
  • Editing (Post-Production):  The Video Editing process plays a key role in the overall finished product.  Our team will utilize existing raw, unprocessed video footage to create a polished, professional video package which can be used to effectively attract consumers and highlight the brand.
  • Deliverable Development (Post-Production):  Following the editing phase, developing deliverables is the procedure in which edited footage is prepared for distribution.  This footage is either uploaded to the Web or packaged as a DVD, flash media or other common format.
  • Distribution (Post-Production):  Once a deliverable is ready for distribution, the PR Now team will encode and upload the video to the Web for digital distribution.
  • Video SEO, Press Release Creation, Marketing & Advertising (Post-Production):  Our video marketing & advertising services include popular offerings such as video SEO, press release accompaniment, advertising (using such platforms as Google’s AdWords for Video) and promotion throughout various social media outlets.  These services are essential in determining the ROI of video content and reaching a wider audience.  Our experienced team has helped many brands achieve greater visibility and awareness through our diverse range of video marketing and advertising services.
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