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Rich Media Advertising

As the role of rich content and digital media such as videos, photos and audio content continues to expand within online marketing campaigns, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to utilize media consulting services in order to make such content more effective.

The rich content enhancement and consulting strategies developed by the PR Now Team are designed specifically for businesses with online video (tutorials, advertisements, video blogs, etc.) as well as digital audio and photos. Our experienced consultants are able to provide both technical and creative insights, which will help to maximize leads and conversions from associated traffic sources.

Additionally, we help businesses achieve greater visibility and brand awareness on popular digital multimedia platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and assist in developing rich content for press releases and media placement.

Our extensive range of digital media and rich content consulting services includes:

  • Concept and Script Enhancement:  Our team works directly with you or your business to create an entertaining, yet informative and professional concept and script in order to enhance the overall product and design the framework for a more effective video.
  • Technical On-Site Equipment Evaluation:  An experienced PR Now technical consultant will arrive on-site and assess the equipment, props and other items needed to create a high-quality video and offer guidance and advice on the proper usage of such equipment.
  • Step-by-Step Production Guidance and Oversight:  Our consultants are also available to provide a complete breakdown of the production process and assist you or your team throughout the entire production phase.  Additionally, we are able to provide a full-service technical consultation which will include oversight and assistance throughout the pre and post-production phases, as well.
  • Production Design Consulting:  Need help designing the set, props or wardrobe or other important aesthetic details?  Our Production Design Consulting service will help to create the ideal atmosphere for your video content.
  • Pre and Post-Production Consulting:  Our Pre and Post-Production Consulting provide comprehensive guidance throughout these crucial processes in order to create a video which is professional, entertaining, informative and indicative of your brand’s personality.  Combined, the PR Now technical consulting team has over ten years of experience in rich content production and has assisted many companies and individuals with the development, creation and implementation of their video content.
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