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Video Development Overview

Recent research conducted by Business Insider Intelligence indicates that online video advertising is not only on the rise, but is one of the most rapidly growing and profitable markets on the Web.  In fact, by 2016, the digital video advertising industry is expected to top a staggering $9 billion in revenue.


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With the increasing presence of videos on the Web and the unprecedented accessibility of video content via YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and other popular media sites, the rise of rich content is difficult for business owners to ignore.  Additionally, the recent introduction of Google’s AdWords for Video platform has helped to improve the scalability of video advertising and maximize the ROI of rich content on the Internet.

In response to the rising video trend, businesses of all sizes have begun utilizing video advertising and marketing strategies to promote their brand and enhance visibility and sales growth.  For many successful companies, rich content such as video, audio and photos are a cornerstone of their marketing efforts and are considered a necessary component of their overall branding strategy.

Due to the overwhelming demand for Video Production Services within online marketing and public relations, PR Now has partnered with video production and marketing experts in order to provide Video Production and related Consulting and Design services to our clients.

Our Rich Content Development Team has combined experience ranging from national network television programs, local and nationally televised commercials to live events and even feature films.

The extensive selection of PR Now Video Development Services is intended to help business owners and content producers in any stage of the production process and our team is dedicated to delivering the most effective rich content for any brand or individual.

Our Video Development Services include:

  • Video Production:  Full-service production, from initial concept & script development to editing, deliverable distribution and marketing.  This is our most comprehensive offering for businesses or individuals with little to no video production experience.
  • Rich Content Consulting:  Concept & script enhancement, technical evaluation and assistance and overall creative consulting.  Our consulting service is the ideal choice for those interested in creating stronger, more engaging rich content.
  • Pre and Post-Production Services:  Scripting, production planning and design, editing and more.  This offering is designed to assist clients with some of the challenging technical aspects of video production.
  • Video Content Design:  Video concept development, treatment and scripting guidance and design consulting.  Video Content Design is intended to help business owners and individuals construct the framework of a high-quality video.
  • Rich Media Advertising:  Video SEO, press release distribution, online marketing & advertising services.  This is our complete marketing and advertising solution for rich content creators looking to deliver their videos to a vast (or even targeted) audience.
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